We make Dutch Design furniture with a simple and honest appearance.


About us

Jeroen Wolfs and Frank Meuleman started their wood shop together shortly after they both finished their furniture making education in Rotterdam. In their education, Jeroen specialized in design and Frank specialized in fabrication methods. In 1994 they installed in Hengelo in the east of The Netherlands in the region Twente where they were born.

After some time they specialized in working with plated wood and wooden materials such as chipboard, plywood, certiplex; all sorts of panelling. They became real specialists in producing furniture made from these materials.

In the year 2012 Jeroen came to the conclusion that it should be possible to make furniture with as little as possible parts and that can be assembled without any tools, clues, screws or glue. He designed the first version of The Chair and somewhat later The Sofa and The BBQ Butler. Although there were several attempts to bring these designs to a commercial product, Jeroen and Frank never succeeded in marketing their ideas and products.

When in October 2013 Irvin met Jeroen and Frank it took some time to convince them of the possibilities of their design and product. Once Irvin, being an experienced business process consultant expounded his vision and plan, Jeroen and Frank became more and more motivated to put all their energy in what from then on was called SLIDEART. In March 2014 the preparations for the kick off were ready and we entered the market.

We make Dutch Design furniture with a simple and honest appearance. We produce all of our furniture in our own factory in Oldenzaal.  All our products are shipped as flat pack so we reduce CO2 emission. We are passionate about what we do and we are flexible in our deployment. Our collection is constantly in motions and follows our heart and the trends in the market.

We are a small company with a lot of  possibilities. We like to work together with people in partnerships. For us that means that we listen to our customers and will maximize our efforts to meet their wishes. We hope for the same in return. Not only our products are durable, so are our relations with our suppliers and customers.

Where do we get it from?

Things we see and think about. Things that might inspire us.