Designing, developing and manufacturing SLIDEART

The proces

Jeroen Wolfs is our designer. Very creative and somewhat unpredictable every now and then. When his profession, furniture maker, drove him in the direction of working with almost nothing else than wooden sheet materials such as particle board and plywood, he asked himself the question how to make furniture , other than straight on cupboards, from those materials.

He challenged himself in designing a simple chair.


30011 Chair ORI Natural 02

That started SLIDEART.

Jeroen met bril

From there on, Jeroen designed  a sofa, which is essential a stretched chair. Chairs and sofa’s need a table and that was already a somewhat bigger challenge. How do you fix a table top to the table chassis, without using nails or screws? In his quest Jeroen saw many tables without nails or screws bet never was the table steady with a fixed table top. Despite his wish to use as little elements, he found a way in adding two small parts to connect the two parts of the table. It became an important characteristic of our tables. And this connection is often seen on images of our tables.




Now a design has to be developed, it has to grow from an idea in a drawing to a real product. How do we do that? Jeroen’s drawings are transferred to a different type of drawing, one that can be read by our CNC milling machines. During that transfer Frank, who is our manufacturer, can already give a first judgement. Is this going to be steady? Is this leading to a consistent way of producing? Can we use the sheets of plywood in an efficient way? And so on.


Next step is fabricate a first model using cheap waste parts of particleboard. All the elements are produced and assembled. This normally leads to adjustments in location of slots, sizes, inclination  and proportions.  This cycle repeats itself several times before the proto type is agreed on.


The particleboard we use in this process is recycled into either paper or is goes into biomass.

Next step is to produce Number 1 in the proper material. That forms the last phase of developing. Normally that part goes well the first time.  Sometimes a Number 2 is needed to be absolutely be sure.

Then, finally we can move on to the manufacturing. Now we know the exact specifics of every element and we know which parts are depending on each other in terms of “have to fit”, we can start to optimize the use of our sheets of plywood. With the help of software we can now see how we can best organize the parts in the sheets while producing.

After that last step we sit down and wait for you guys to order our furniture.

93986 Rocking Sofa TWO black 01 plus

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