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So, let’s talk about SLIDEART. Using “art” in the brand name of furniture immediately pops the question: “Is it art or is it functional?” Well, what can we say…..


Our products being “furniture” indicates that they are functional items but… both the design and the technique are art as well. Does one influences the other? Yes probably the design influences a bit the use of certain pieces of furniture. For example Jeroen (our designer) found a very solid and beautiful way to fix the table top to the chassis. It is very ingenious and it gives something very characteristic to our tables but some users tell us that this joint also forms a dust catcher.

So to enjoy the beauty of ART-furniture, sometimes you have to make some concessions in using it.

In these blogs we will take you with us on oud journey in developing and manufacturing our very beautiful and special SLIDEART furniture pieces.


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