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Vision & Design

Use honest and simple flat material and create with as little as possible elements beautiful furniture; that was our challenge. It started with The Chair and we don’t see the end of our collection yet. Every time we succeed in creating new items that assemble without nail, screw or glue.

Production & Environment

In our own factory in The Netherlands we produce our furniture with the utmost respect for the environment. Super low on CO2 in transport, hardly any waste and as much as possible sustainable wood. Which after its life cycle can be used in biomass to generate energy.

Material & Colour

All the SLIDEART furniture is made out of plywood. The plywood is available in four different finishes; natural, fine varnished, white or black. The thickness of the plywood is 18mm and 12mm for the kids collection. The table tops are white with a HPL coating. Furthermore the tops of the side tables and stools are available in the colours blue, clay and powder.

Sales & Service

We like to work together with people in partnerships. For us that means that we listen to our customers and will maximize our efforts to meet their wishes. We hope for the same in return. Not only our products are durable, so are our relations with our suppliers and customers.